Surprising Benefits of Drinking Whiskey (in moderation, of course)

An impressive photo of a glass of whiskey being poured by hand. There is smoke billowing out from the decanter into the glass. The glass is garnished with an orange peel.

As we raise a dram in celebration of International Whiskey Day today, March 27th, let’s explore the remarkable advantages of indulging in this time-honored libation. Whiskey, crafted from fermented grain mash, has long been cherished for its distinctive flavors and allure. However, beyond its sensory delights, whiskey holds surprising health benefits for those who partake […]

Breaking Barriers: Our Journey as a Woman-Owned Spirits Company

Merrisa Claridge, owner of Northwest Spirits, stands in front of a few wooden barrels. She's holding a glass of whiskey with her arms crossed, smiling.

In an industry historically dominated by men, breaking through barriers and carving out a space for ourselves has taken courage, determination, and a passion for the craft. Break barriers; That’s exactly what our president Merrisa Claridge, aka Missy, set out to do when she founded our spirits company in 2021. What began as a tinkering […]

Recipe: Whiskey and Wine Marinated Baked Mushrooms

Mushrooms in a pan with ingredients behind them.

Mushrooms have a remarkable ability to absorb and embrace the flavors they encounter. When you introduce red wine, whiskey, and balsamic vinegar to the mix, these fungi truly come alive. This mushroom recipe is destined to become a recurring favorite for your weekday dinners, soirées, outdoor gatherings, and communal feasts. To embark on this whiskey […]

Community Spirit

A small restaurant with every table occupied. There is a man sipping a whiskey at one of the tables.

An evening of ‘Beef & Bourbon’ at Wildflower Bistro in North Bend, WA Written by our Master Distiller, Nick Warren Most people visit our tasting room for perhaps one cocktail, a quick tasting flight, or to pick up a bottle of booze to bring home. But then occasionally, we get a regular stop in from […]

Another Gold for Savor Spear® Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Image of a bottle of Savor Spear Bourbon Whiskey sitting on a clean white backdrop. The whiskey has an oak spear inside. There is a gold medal icon to the left of the bottle indicating the award that was won.

Since our launch in 2022, our Savor Spear® Straight Bourbon Whiskey has accrued a total of 7 (YES, SEVEN) awards across some of the most prestigious spirit competitions in the world. The most recent being a gold medal from the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC)! Every award feels great, but this one could […]

The Sensory Experience

A woman is experiencing a glass of bourbon by smelling it. She's standing in front of a liquor still

Our senses are the most important part of how we make order of the world. The five senses – taste, smell, touch, sight, and sound – are how our bodies collect information about our surroundings to be interpreted by the brain. When you walk into an antique store, the smell may cause you to instantaneously […]

Awards, Press & Media Mentions

Portrait of Missy Firnstahl-Claridge, owner of Northwest Spirits. She is holding a bottle of Savor Spear Straight Bourbon Whiskey in front of a bar lined with hundreds of liquor bottles

Awards Savor Spear Straight Bourbon Whiskey     2023 North American Bourbon and Whiskey Competition – “Best of Show” First Place (Double Gold/96 points) MLSA Competition 2023 – Triple Gold Medal SIP Awards International Spirits Competition 2023 – Gold Medal American Distilling Institute International Spirits Competition 2023 –  Silver Medal  San Francisco World Spirits Competition […]

Take A Bottle Home With You

A man is holding a bottle of Savor Spear® Straight Bourbon Whiskey in his hands

For over 50 years, our family of restaurants have showcased the largest collection of fine spirits in the Northwest. Our dedication to creating delicious cocktail recipes requires a great mixing spirit that pairs well with anything our mixologists can dream up. To this end, we sourced a restaurant line of base spirits that is mixologist […]

We are officially OPEN!

Image of an inviting tasting room. There is an impressive selection of liquor bottles lined up neatly on a Mahogany wooden display behind a white bar top. There are a few wooden tables with wooden stools. There is an industrial, yet warm feeling in the space.

After much anticipation… We are very pleased to announce that Northwest Spirits Tasting Room & Retail Center is officially OPEN in beautiful Woodinville today! Northwest Spirits Tasting Room & Retail Center is located just down the street from iconic Chateau St. Michelle winery. Just a 30 minute drive from Downtown Seattle, Washington. Our prime site offers spirit tastings […]

Bourbon and Sourdough: A Perfect Pair

An Old Fashioned whiskey cocktail sits atop a wooden barrel with a stone coaster underneath and a royal blue napkin next to the drink. The cocktail has one large ice cube in it, as well as a slice of dried orange, and a bourbon cherry on a swizzle stick

Sure, you’ve tried an Old Fashioned cocktail before. But we can be sure that you haven’t tried an Old Fashioned like our Northwest Spirits Old Fashioned. Our rendition of the classic cocktail includes Bar Boss™ Bourbon, hints of stone fruit, infused with Brovo’s Douglas Fir Liqueur. For the spirit enthusiast, let’s go in-depth and explore […]

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