Vodka Martini

How to Make the Perfect Vodka Martini

February 17, 2022
With over 50 years of owning and operating Seattle’s best drinking establishments, we know what it takes to make a helluva great cocktail; and Martinis are kind of our thing.

First and foremost, quality matters.

Trust us when we say – Not all vodkas are created equal (If you’ve ever been to college, perhaps you already know this). For the Perfect Vodka Martini, you will need a crisp, clean vodka. Something like Bar Boss™ Vodka is perfect because we distill six times from grain for a clean sanctified savor, which makes it perfect for a Martini.


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Next you will need your Vermouth.

We recommend Brovo Witty Dry Vermouth.


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Over the years, we have experimented to find the exact right amount of Vermouth to include in a Martini. During our Von’s RoastHouse days in the historic Hotel Theodore in Seattle, we would have many Martini enthusiasts come through our doors. Those days were critical to how we present our Martinis today. These enthusiasts would insist that we take careful consideration as to just how much vermouth to add to their beloved Martini. As it turns out, that amount is exactly 2 spritzes-worth. Yep. We said “spritzes”.


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Northwest Spirits will sell liquor misters at the tasting room for you to make the perfect martini at home!


Finally, you’ll need your garnish. Whether you’re an olive or a lemon garnish-lover, this final touch brings the whole cocktail in balance. We recommend 2-3 skewered olives or a 1-inch strip of peel from an un-waxed lemon. One important thing to note is that your Martini must be chilled. The best way to accomplish that crisp tasting cocktail is to chill your Martini glass and cocktail shaker ahead of time!


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Recipe for the Perfect Martini


  • Four 25 ml measures of crisp, quality vodka like Bar Boss™ Vodka
  • 2 spritzes of dry vermouth like Brovo Witty
  • 2-3 skewered olives or 1-inch strip of peel from an un-waxed lemon


  1. Pre-chill your shaker & martini glass.
  2. Add ice to the shaker and measure in the required amounts of vodka. Stir until ingredients are thoroughly chilled.
  3. Spray your Martini glass with 2 spritzes of Brovo Witty Dry Vermouth.
  4. Strain into your chilled glass and twist the lemon peel until it leaves a spritz of lemon oil on the surface of the cocktail or use olives instead of a twist.
  5. Enjoy!


  • Chilling all your components is critical for the Perfect Martini.


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